Don Cass

June 20, 2009

Sat June 20 2009

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Well, Sean Murphy helped me get started with this way of getting online to replace a COA web page that I made up over 10 years ago and then never got back to….

I must say that this WordPress method is a lot easier than however I did it before! It’s a dreary Saturday morning here in Maine and wife Suzy’s off at a writing workshop, so I’m taking a bit of time to explore what wordpress has to offer, update some posted class info and to test out this blog stuff…. So far so good…. I wonder how long it’ll be before laptops come with a ‘post this to every site that I belong to’ button? And how long it’ll be before it becomes physically impossible for everyone to post everything that they want to post everywhere that they want to post it? What is the environmental impact of all this “virtual” stuff that so many think has “no” impact? Materials to produce all theseĀ  servers? Power to power them? I just don’t know… it’s all very cool, but also pretty scary… but maybe that’s what people always think when they get to be my age!


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