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Chemistry I and II updated 1/9/17

Here are pdfs of my notes (my “text) that I’ve used in my intro chem classes. They aren’t completely finalized. Believe it or not, they got revised every year and some of the latest revisions haven’t been completely polished. Feel free to use them as you see fit – though I wouldn’t mind hearing what you think about them too!

Chapter 1: Identifying stuff: How do we know what something is?  chap-1-identifying-stuff

Chapter 2:Density: Do you really realize how amazing (and useful) it is?  chap-2-density

Chapter 3:Atoms: Why the heck to we believe they exist? chap-3-atoms

Chapter 4: Atomic Weights: Why do chemical reactions consume and produce the amounts of things that they do?  chap-4-atomic-weights

Chapter 5:How does disorder help explain what does (and doesn’t) happen? chap-5-why-do-things-happen

Chapter 6: Atomic structure: Why do some changes in atomic arrangements increase disorder while others don’t?  chap-6-atom-structure

Chapter 7: How does understanding light help us understand the hydrogen atom? chap-7-h-atom-quantum-mechanics

Chapter 8: How does understanding the hydrogen atom help us understand other atoms?  chapter-8-beyond-hydrogen

Chapter 9: Why can atoms stick together? chapter-9-bonding

Chapter 10: Why do atoms stick together in the shapes they do?chapter-10-molecular-shapes

Chapter 11: Oops: Fixing some contradictions: hybrid and molecular orbitals chapter-11-hybrids-and-mos

Chapter 12: Why do molecules stick to each other to form liquids & solids? chapter-12-im-forces

Chapter 13: Why do some things dissolve in other things and how do properties of solutions compare to those of pure materials? chapter-13-solutions

Chapter 14: What sorts of reactions happen?chap-14-reactions

Chapter 15: Why do reactions happen at the rates they do?chap-15-rates-of-reactions

Chapter 16: Why do reactions “stop” when they do? chap-16-extent-of-reactions

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