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Organic Chemistry

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Organic chemistry is basically the chemistry of carbon containing compounds. This includes much of us and the life around us (i.e., biochemistry, nutrition, medicine, etc) and also much of today’s chemical industry (solvents, adhesives, plastics, fibers, dyes, etc.)

“Learning” organic chemistry consists of becoming familiar with common structures found in organic molecules and with the general principles governing their behavior.

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This year, morganic chemistry is being taught as a one term, overview class. (Students interested in further work may participate in a literature-based tutorial in the winter term.) This fall’s text is Robert Ouelette’s Organic Chemistry: A Brief Introduction (It has not been used before at COA, but should available at Sherman’s for about $70). I chose this text because of its relatively manageable size (500pp vs 1000pp), the reputation of its author, and its efforts to relate the chemistry to interesting ‘real’ topics. Since I hate taking time to review correct homework, I will ask you to only try working the text’s odd #’s exercises – for which answers are given in the back of the book.

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